Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure graduate students and supervisors experience a mentorship and supervisory relationship that is characterized by:

• Respect, inclusion and support of the whole person

• Continued learning and collaboration by both the supervisor and the graduate student

• Commitment to advancing academic and professional goals

To support successful mentorship and supervisory relationships. CGMS well achieve its mandate through:

• Facilitating conflict resolution within the mentorship and supervisory relationship

• Building capacity through skill development workshops for both graduate students and supervisors

• System navigation and collaboration with other University partners

• Identifying and developing resources that are aligned with best practices in graduate mentorship and supervision

• Graduate students who bring forward a complaint regarding a professor, citing bullying and aggressive behaviour.

• Graduate student expressing concerns regarding the lack of availability and contact with the professor which is impacting their academic progress.

•Faculty member expressing concerns regarding a student’s progress which they attribute to either interpersonal issues and/or wellness issues.

Consultation: Opportunity to unpack, debrief the situation and begin the process of identifying the unique factors of the case and assist in developing a strategy for a path forward.

System Navigation: Determine who might be other appropriate partners and related policies/jurisdictions, assisting in identifying all the potential resources and facilitating the connections/referrals.

Facilitating: Offer facilitated conversations between the graduate student and the supervisor.

Mediating: Engage in a mediation process with clear and documented outcomes.

Coaching: Assist individuals address their supervision practice(s) which would allow them to develop approaches which are aligned with best practices.

Case Management: Assist you in ensuring appropriate follow up and key stakeholders are working collaboratively.